villa marina aboutIn 1900 Baron Leonhard White starts to build 5 villas on the island of Grado, believing and seeking the tourist development that predicted for the favor and the degree seen frequenting more and more 'frequent nobilityAustro-Hungarian monarchy and upper classesIt was not a bad ideaindeed ...

At each step of the propertiesno one has ever changed the architecture and the overall design of thefive villasretaining in them the appearance of liberty and renovated the interior to adapt to the comfort of a stay and rest for our times
Villa Marina and 'one of these 5 Villas that, after an extensive renovation in the summer of 2004 opened their apartments to the gueststo offer an accommodation, quiet and rest, with a qualityof class and comfort ''4 stars.''


Residence Villa Marina has its own entrance, and 'positioned on the waterfront with the beach front. There are 12 apartments of different size and layoutwith beds from 2 to 7 people per apartment.The Villa 'an elevator and each host family has private parkinginternal and confidential.  Each apartment also has provided valuable furniture and all kinds of household appliancesto spend your holidays in tranquility 'and have the chanceto rest being located in a pedestrian street closed tovehicular traffic and enjoy the beautiful sunshine island of able, its Thermal cures and healing sand beach and the sea.


Viale Regina Elena 37

Grado, Italia 


Phone:+39 347 6498264

Phone:+39 0431 80232